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Grayson Waller & LA Knight React To Their TV Incident In Australia

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In the world of professional wrestling, the line between fiction and reality is often blurred, with performers maintaining their on-screen personas even in real-life situations.

Grayson Waller, a rising star in WWE, recently demonstrated his commitment to keeping the tradition of kayfabe alive during a promotional appearance on an Australian talk show. The incident unfolded during an interview to promote WWE’s Elimination Chamber PLE in Perth, Australia, marking the first time the premium live event spectacle has returned to the region since 2018.

WWE’s Push for Elimination Chamber

WWE, always keen on maximizing the promotional efforts for its events, sent two of its talented performers, Grayson Waller and LA Knight, to make an appearance on the Sunrise news show. The objective was clear – generate excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Elimination Chamber event. Little did the hosts and viewers expect that the interview would take an unexpected turn, showcasing Waller’s dedication to his on-screen character.

The Unplanned Interview

As the interview progressed, the hosts attempted to add an entertaining twist by requesting LA Knight to perform his signature move on a departing colleague. When Knight declined the request, the spotlight shifted unexpectedly to Grayson Waller. Seizing the opportunity, the departing colleague playfully put his fists up in a joking manner, only to be greeted by an unexpected interruption – the iconic entrance music of John Cena.

Waller’s Reaction

Grayson Waller, committed to his heel persona, reacted strongly to the unexpected intrusion. Rather than going along with the light-hearted moment, Waller sternly informed the individual that he wouldn’t deliver a staged punch but instead threatened involvement of the police due to the apparent disrespect shown. The tension in the studio escalated as Waller issued a not-so-subtle threat of a jaw-breaking punch.

Selective Disapproval

While Waller openly expressed his displeasure with the unexpected interruption, he made it clear that his grievances were not directed at everyone present. He specifically mentioned having no issue with Natalie Barr, one of the hosts, as she had not shown any disrespect during the course of the interview.

You can watch it below:

Post-Show Reaction

After the show, Grayson posted a screenshot of David Shultz from the infamous incident where he slapped ABC’s 20/20 reporter John Stossel for calling wrestling fake.

You can watch this incident below:

On the other hand, LA Knight posted a screenshot of Vader threatening the host of a talk show in Kuwait after the host said wrestling is fake.

You can watch this incident below:

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