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Alexa Bliss goes to the top rope to hit a big move and she misses. This results in Sasha locking in her Bank Statement submission move and the Champion looks in trouble.

After struggling for some time, Alexa finally manages to reach the bottom rope and remain in the match. The match ends with Alexa being counted-out and losing the match. However, Alexa still retains the Title.

Winner: Sasha Banks via DQ (Alexa Bliss retains the Raw Women’s Championship)

Sasha is not happy with this and she attacks Alexa on the entrance ramp. However, Alexa fights back and climbs on top of the announce table and is looking to DDT Sasha on it, but Sasha pushes her off the stage and jumps on top of her with double knees!

The commentators note that this feud is not over and Sasha still has her sights set on the Raw Women’s Championship and becoming a 4 time Champion.

Below are a few clips from the match:

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