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Hall of Famer Describes How He Made Undertaker a Heavy Alcohol Drinker

The Undertaker in WWF

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts describes his first ever encounter with The Undertaker. It was about strip clubs and alcohol consumption.

Undertaker once approached Jake and told him that he loves his in-ring work and respects what he has done in this business, but he also knows that Jake has a lot of knowledge about strip clubs and knows some of the best & that he wanted to ride with him.

Jake would take Taker under his wing and just a week later, Taker was having his stomach pumped in the afternoon and wrestling on the evening as if everything was normal and same as before. Jake describes how Taker didn’t require any make-up to become The Undertaker, as his face became whiter due to heavy alcohol consumption.

But back then, this was taken as a very normal behaviour for pro-wrestlers. Drinking alcohol and doing drugs was known as a way to bond with the boys.

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