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Hall Of Famer On Why Mason Ryan Failed In WWE

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• ON THIS DAY IN WWF HISTORY (January 28, 1996) – WWF Action Zone

On this day in 1996, the World Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Action Zone’.

This episode featured matches, promos, highlights & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWF In Your House 6: Rage in the Cage’ PPV.

Here’s the card:

– Highlights Of Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Duke The Dumpster Droese (From The Free For All)

– Highlights Of Hunter Hearst Helmsley Shaving Duke The Dumpster Droese’s Hair (From Superstars)

– Justin Hawk Bradshaw vs. Bob Holly

– Highlights Of Razor Ramon vs. Goldust (From The Royal Rumble)

– Promo By Goldust

– Highlights Of Vader In The Royal Rumble Match

– Highlights Of What Happened Between Diesel And The Undertaker At The Royal Rumble

– Highlights Of Vader vs. Savio Vega (From Last Weeks Raw)

– Shawn Michaels vs. Tatanka (From Superstars)

– Billionaire Ted’s Wrasslin Warroom

– Can We Talk With The Following Question: Who’s Going To Win The Superbowl?

– Highlights Of The Royal Rumble

• Hall Of Famer On Why Mason Ryan Failed In WWE

During a recent edition of his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson discussed Mason Ryan’s WWE run and said that he failed because he brought on TV way too soon.

Here’s what Arn said:

“Here’s a guy that looked like a trillion dollars, looked as good as anybody, but he just got out there and was just too green.

And here’s the reality, you can look like me and just go out and be so-so, and you might be forgiven by the audience because, ‘Well, you know what, he doesn’t look like Hercules but he’s not Hercules.’

But when you look like that and you don’t produce, man, you get thrown in the meat grinder, and I think that’s what happened to him.”

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