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Hall Of Famer Says Triple H Wanted To Be The Highest Paid Wrestler In WWE

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On this day in 1990, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WCW PRO’.

This episode featured pre-taped matches & storyline segments on the road to the ‘NWA Capital Combat 1990’ PPV.

The card can be found below:

– Tom Zenk & Brian Pillman vs. Galaxian I & Joe Cruz

– Wrestling Wrap Up

– Doom vs. Dave Diamond & Johnny Gun

– Steiners Interview

– Loisville Slugger: Guest Ric Flair/Ole Anderson introduce Sid as a Horseman

– Johnny Ace vs. Mark Kyle

– Mean Mark Callous vs. Road Warrior Animal

– Norman vs. Mike Wenner

• Hall Of Famer Says Triple H Wanted To Be The Highest Paid Wrestler In WWE

On a recent edition of Grilling JR, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross revealed that 14 time World Champion Triple H wanted to be the highest paid wrestler when he wrestled full time.

When JR was the head of Talent Relations, he gave Triple H a $1 million downside contract. The Game responded to the offer by making sure that he was making more money than anyone else.

Below is what Good Ol’ JR said:

“It was Evansville, Indiana, he and I were sitting on an anvil case hammering out the final arrangements on his new contract to where he got the magic number.

$1 Million a year and he deserved it. Vince did not authorize me to do those $1 million dollar downsides very often. Hunter got his and he deserved it.

For some reason, I remember him saying to me ‘Are you sure nobody has a better deal?’ and I said ‘Yeah, I’m very sure, are you doubting me?’ and he said ‘No, I just want to make sure’, so ‘Okay, you’re sure. Nobody in this company has a bigger downside guarantee than you will have when you sign that contract, is that what you wanted to hear?’. Then he shook my hand and off we went.

Now if he made $1 million a year it would be a giant cut in pay.”

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