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Hall Of Famer Says WWE Is Creating Wrong Emotions With Brock Lesnar’s Booking

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns IV - SummerSlam 2018 Main Event (Universal Championship Match)

• Emma Comments On Women’s Wrestling Having Come So Far

During a recent interview with The Sunday Post, Tenille Dashwood (f.k.a Emma in WWE) talked about The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce), waiting to wrestle again once the WWE’s non-compete clause ends, women’s wrestling having come so far and more.

Below are the highlights:

On The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce):

“I’ve known them since back in Australian and they’re killing it right now. It’s really cool for me to be one of the first ones that almost made people realize that it was possible – especially coming from Australia which is so far away. We catch up all the time and I’m so proud of them and excited for all the opportunities they’re getting now.”

On waiting to wrestle again once the WWE’s non-compete clause ends:

“It’s a long time, especially when you can’t do anything. My dates for wrestling started the day that I could wrestle again. The first show that came after that I was on and I’ve worked non-stop since then. I was very determined and excited to get back in the ring and do it on my own time and schedule and to get out there and work for all these companies around the world. It’s been really rewarding, doing everything and feeling alive and excited by wresting again. It’s just going to get bigger and better.”

On women’s wrestling having come so far:

“It’s something special for me to be a part of. Ring of Honor are really investing time and effort into the women’s division and things have been great, especially being able to tour with them across the US, Canada, overseas. There’s an array of talent and different competitors I haven’t faced before. I’ve got some first ever opponents on this tour so I’m really excited for that.

Everyone knows how far women’s wrestling has come and I think a lot of us always had those big goals in mind but they didn’t necessarily always seem possible. Now we’re starting to see things happen and break through barriers. For me personally, I’ve been able to main event a number of independent shows outside Ring of Honor I’ve been doing as well. It’s been really exciting for me to do that for women’s wrestling and to have that opportunity.”

• Hall Of Famer Says WWE Is Creating Wrong Emotions With Brock Lesnar’s Booking

During a recent interview with Mandatory, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross talked about how WWE has booked Universal Champion Brock Lesnar in his feud with Roman Reigns.

Below is what Good Ol’ JR said regarding Lesnar being portrayed as a ‘lazy part timer’ who doesn’t care about the WWE (only cares about the money):

“I would not have taken that approach. I do not believe in doing a negative sell. I just don’t think you get anything out of it. I think it’s the wrong kinds of emotions that you are attempting to create. I believe that, in my view, I would have taken a different route. That doesn’t mean their route is wrong it just means that I don’t get it yet.

I am assuming that something is going to be settled at SummerSlam. It’s certainly building a lot of interest, anticipation and armchair booking.”

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