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Hall of Famer Says WWE Is Discriminating Against All Female Talent

Billy Graham Superstar

WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar Billy Graham” posted the following on his Facebook account:

WWE Discriminating Against All Female Talent

“Yes, I am the only pro wrestler, current or former to bring attention to this obvious discrimination against the WWE female talent.

HHH was on the CBS Sports ” In This Corner ” podcast a few days back and made the following outlandish statement. On April 27th in Saudi Arabia, the WWE will put on a first ever 50 MAN Royal Rumble plus 7 championship matches.

He said the details aren’t finalized, but there will be NO WWE Female Talent on the show because woman are not allowed to perform in Saudi Arabia. Women are still treated like stray dogs in Saudi Arabia, but as HHH stated, there is huge money to be made there in the next decade.

I say the family Friendly WWE should be ashamed of themselves for throwing their female talent under the bus and treating them like trash and / or just property all in the name of greed. It is totally disgusting to me to have these hard working WWE female talents so disrespected and discriminated against all for the sake of money, and someone needs to answer to this lack of character by the WWE.

In the painting below you see a Court Jester and his well trained monkey. Bob Dylan has an old song titled ” Only A Pawn In Their Game. ” In this case the Court Jester represents the WWE and the well trained monkey represents the WWE Female Talent that are being discriminated against.

Superstar Billy Graham”

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