Hannibal Had S*x With Former WWE Diva On A Beach With Kids & Families Around

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• Hannibal Had S*x With Former WWE Diva On A Beach With Kids & Families Around

During a video on ‘The Hannibal TV’, independent wrestler Devon Nicholson revealed that he had an affair with former WWE Diva Nidia back in 2005.

He noted that they were dating when he was booked in Puerto Rico and she had just been released from her WWE contract and was seeing her parents over there.

According to Nicholson, they went to a festival where he got drunk and she then brought him to her hotel room and they had s*x for the first time.

The next day they went to a beach and also had s*x in the water there, which Devon described by saying the following:

“There was like tons of kids all around … and families … and I just remember her saying, ‘do you think any of these people are realizing we’re having s*x?’.

And I don’t think they did … so that was pretty funny.”

WWE offered Nicholson a contract in 2009, but rescinded the offer after they found out he had Hepatitis C, which he caught from Old School Wrestling Legend Abdullah The Butcher in a match where both were blading.

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• Old School Wrestling Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Wrestling Legend The Great Muta (Real name: Keiji Mutoh) celebrates his 60th birthday today.

The NJPW Wrestler came to Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling in 1989 and joined Gary Hart’s J-Tex Corporation faction, that feuded with Ric Flair and Sting.

Muta wrestled as a part-timer for WCW until September 2000, but only in between his NJPW dates in Japan.

He has yet to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which to be fair is only a question of “when”, not “if”.


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