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11. Big Update On Why The Hardy Boyz Lost The Raw Tag Team Titles At Extreme Rules 2017, Singles Push Coming For One Of The Hardys?

As we all saw last night at Extreme Rules 2017, The Hardy Boyz lost their Steel Cage match against Cesaro & Sheamus and this resulted in them losing the Raw Tag Team Titles (which they won in their return to WWE at WrestleMania 33).

According to reports, WWE officials are planning to split The Hardy Boyz and push Jeff Hardy, who’s a former 3 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, as a singles star.

The angle where Jeff climbed back into the cage at Extreme Rules 2017 eventually resulted in The Hardy Boyz losing the match (as Jeff was already out of the cage and only Matt needed to come out to win the match) and this angle is expected to lead to them splitting up.

No word yet on if WWE has come to terms over the “BROKEN” gimmick with Impact Wrestling. Below is what WWE posted regarding The Hardy Boyz invoking their rematch clause:

Last night at WWE Extreme Rules, Cesaro & Sheamus escaped a harrowing Steel Cage Match with the Raw Tag Team Titles around their waists, gleefully ending the championship reign The Hardy Boyz kicked off when they returned to WWE at this year’s WrestleMania.

As resilient as they come, Matt & Jeff no doubt have plans to invoke their guaranteed rematch clause sooner rather than later. When will the veteran brothers strike back against The Alabaster Gladiator and the cunning Swiss Cyborg?

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