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5. X-Pac Explains Why SmackDown Live’s Success Is Because Of Road Dogg

During a recent edition of WZ Daily, WWF Veteran X-Pac was asked about Raw & SmackDown Live’s different directions and why SmackDown Live gets to experiment with different ideas.

This led to X-Pac revealing that fellow DX member Road Dogg runs SmackDown Live all by himself and that Vince McMahon doesn’t even bother to be backstage for the blue brand’s weekly show.

Below is the conversation between show host Nick Hausman and X-Pac:

Nick: I don’t know why RAW is one way and Smackdown gets to experiment and try new things.

X-Pac: You can’t figure that out?

Nick: Would you like to enlighten everyone on why that is?

X-Pac: Road Dogg’s in charge of Smackdown Live and Vince just lets him have the wheel. Vince doesn’t even come to Smackdown.

Nick: You’re saying that Smackdown is totally on Road Dogg’s shoulders?

X-Pac: A huge amount of the success is on Road Dogg’s shoulders. Yes.

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