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“Has he won a match in months?” – Jim Cornette Questions Triple H’s World Title Booking Decision

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Jim Cornette is confused why Triple H booked The Miz in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament.

Former WWE Champion The Miz hasn’t won any match in 2023. As a matter of fact, it’s been 146 days since he won a match.

The last match he won was a Ladder Match against Dexter Lumis on the December 19th 2022 episode of RAW.

He was the Host of WrestleMania 39 and lost impromptu matches on both nights, against Pat McAfee and Snoop Dogg (originally scheduled to be Shane McMahon).

Despite this recent track record, The Miz was a part of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament on RAW.

Jim Cornette questioned this booking decision from Triple H and said the following on his podcast:

“Can you explain why The Miz is in a 6-man competition here for a shot at the World Title when he has been beaten by every man, woman, and child, animal, vegetable, mineral, scrub woman, Jiffy Lube attendee?

Has he won a match that we’ve seen in months? Everybody beats him up and quickly, right?”

Speaking of the World Title tournament, Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles will take place in the Finals to crown the inaugural champion at Night of Champions.

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