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“He looks like a cab driver” – Former WWF Manager On Kevin Owens

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• “He looks like a cab driver” – Former WWF Manager On Kevin Owens

On the newest episode of his weekly ‘Story Time with Dutch Mantell’ podcast, the former WWF/WWE Manager spoke about the recent story of Kevin Owens going ahead with an unplanned spot at Survivor Series 2022, where he slapped Roman Reigns on the ear very hard and possibly caused damage to Reigns’ eardrum by going off script.

Here’s what Dutch Mantell (fka Uncle Zebekiah / Zeb Colter) had to say:

“Owens has a lot of heat on him anyway because if you look at him, he doesn’t have the body, he doesn’t have the tan, he looks like a cab driver going to get in his cab. Great worker, but his external features or look doesn’t be fit the profession that he’s in.

I think they say he still blows up, gets tired in a match, which in my worst shape, I got tired, but I don’t know, he’s probably doing 15 minutes every night so that should keep you in working shape but I don’t know. What can make you blow up too is nerves. If you get nervous that can hinder your breathing or just emotions I guess.”

We recently reported that a planned Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens match for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble 2023 premium live event could possibly take place inside Hell in a Cell.

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• Old School WWF Veteran Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 64th birthday of Old School Wrestling Legend The Dynamite Kid (Real name: Tom Billington).

Most Old School Wrestling Fans are going to remember The Dynamite Kid as one half of the WWF Golden Era Tag Team ‘The British Bulldogs’ with his Tag Team partner Davey Boy Smith.

Before he passed away, Billington was sitting in a wheel chair and had several other severe health problems for many years, resulting from decades of drug abuse and wrestling a very risky & unhealthy style.


December 5, 1958 – December 5, 2018

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