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“He needs mental help. CM Punk is almost a bully at this point” – Former WWF Champion

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During the latest episode of his ‘Kliq This’ podcast, former WWF Champion Kevin Nash talked about CM Punk and the backstage incident that took place at the AEW All In 2023 PPV, where Punk had a fight with “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry and threatened AEW owner Tony Khan as well.

This podcast was recorded before AEW fired Punk, so Nash suggested that Tony should release Punk from the company and that Punk needs help.

Below is what the 2-time WWE Hall of Famer said:

“Honest to God, I mean, this is in all seriousness, what I take from this whole thing is he needs serious help. He needs mental help.

When it becomes destructive, when there’s a chance this costs you millions of dollars and you just continue to push and push and push. They have to (let him go).

I’ll tell you right now man, if I would have broke in and saw some motherf**ker doing that sh*t, I would have said, ‘Oh if he can get away with that, well f**k, then I’m going to do it.’

I just think that Tony Khan needs to get somebody there to be the heater. He needs to bring somebody in. Vince (McMahon) wouldn’t put up with that sh*t. It’s disrespectful to Tony.

To me, Punk is almost a bully at this point because he knows that Tony is not, that’s just not in his DNA.”

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