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“He tried to get into my hotel room and I pushed him out” – Former ECW Diva Says She Refused To Sleep With Vince McMahon

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Throughout his tenure as WWF/E Chairman, Vince McMahon has been known to dismiss superstars who failed to connect with fans. However, Missy Hyatt claims her fallout with McMahon had a different origin.

Hyatt, who had a brief stint with the World Wrestling Federation in 1987, was brought in to host her own show, Missy’s Manor, intended to replace Roddy Piper’s ‘Piper’s Pit’. Despite the initial promise, her show was quickly canceled, and she returned to the UWF only a few weeks later.

In an interview on the Cafe de Rene podcast, Hyatt reflected on her time in the WWF and the factors leading to her departure. She candidly described the Missy’s Manor segments as ‘terrible’, explaining that the babyface character WWF assigned her was doomed from the start. According to Hyatt, she pleaded with Vince McMahon to let her perform as her established pre-WWF persona, but he refused.

Hyatt further revealed a more personal aspect of her fallout with McMahon. She claimed that one reason McMahon turned against her was her refusal to sleep with him. This assertion adds a troubling layer to her departure, suggesting that her exit was influenced by more than just professional disagreements.

Here’s what she said:

“Another thing is I wouldn’t f**k Vince (McMahon), that was another thing. He was really all into me until he tried to get into my hotel room and I pushed him out.

And the next thing I know we’re in Anaheim and he’s like, ‘Well, we want you to be a Federette and then you’re gonna do something with The Honky Tonk Man and do something with him’.

I’m like, ‘I don’t know if I wanna be a Federette.’ One of three or one of two, be one of three or something that takes ring jackets.

I’m thinking I’m Missy Hyatt. I’ve only been in the business like 2-3 years but I still knew that I didn’t wanna be a Federette and take ring jackets.”

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