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Head of WWF Security During Attitude Era Passes Away, Mick Foley Responds To Ric Flair’s Recent Comments, Is Kurt Angle Really Retiring In 2016?

Kurt Angle as WWF Champion

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5. WWF Head of Security During Attitude Era Passes Away
Jim Dotson, who was the head of WWF Security during Attitude Era, has passed away at the age of 49. The sad news was announced by Dotson’s family and a GoFundMe campaign was launched to help his family with all the expenses:

Jim Dotson - Head of Security in WWF during Attitude Era

“Jim Dotson passed on December 10th. He was loved and admired by family and friends. Jim spent years dealing with health issues including a serious incurable eye disease which kept him from working over the past several years. He did not have any life or health insurance. He spent his time caring for his elderly mother who is unable to cover any expenses. Jim helped many people during his 49 year life and we now need to help him. He was a long time vollunteer helping the handicapped and those in need. Now we need to honor Jim. Any amount helps and the family thanks each and every one of you.”

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