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Hell In A Cell 2018 (Live Coverage & Results) – Part 2

Jeff Hardy AJ Styles Charlotte Flair Hell In A Cell 2018

This is part 2 of our Hell In A Cell 2018 live coverage (part 1 is here).

Up next is the SmackDown Women’s Championship match between Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch.

Becky makes her way out first, followed by Charlotte.

The match begins and Becky is giving Charlotte a run for her money.

Becky is focusing on Charlotte’s left arm.

Becky locks in the Armbar on Charlotte, but Charlotte powers out of it by lifting Becky and powerbombing her!

Charlotte & Becky are exchanging shots now, but Becky gets the upperhand and puts down Charlotte! Becky goes for the pin, but Charlotte kicks out.

The crowd is chanting for Becky. Becky jumps from the top turnbuckle, but misses and Charlotte puts her in a hold, but Becky pushes Charlotte away into the turnbuckle.

Charlotte tries to pin Becky, but Becky locks-in the Disarmher! Charlotte Flair manages to get out of the ring while Becky has the Disarmher still locked-in so she has to break the hold.

Becky Lynch counters Charlotte’s move and pins Charlotte out of nowhere!!!!

Becky Lynch def. Charlotte Flair (c) to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship

Both Becky & Charlotte come face to face after the match and Charlotte offers to raise Becky’s arm, but Becky lifts up the Title and leaves!

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