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Here’s What Omos Is Up To Now

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Below are a couple of top WWE news stories of the day, involving Omos and Dominik Mysterio.

• WWE star Omos is making the most of his time away from the ring by launching a new YouTube channel. Since Triple H took charge in 2022, Omos, known as “The Nigerian Giant”, has had limited involvement in WWE, appearing in only two broadcast matches this year, both multi-person events: the Royal Rumble in January and the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in April.

There is no official word on when or if Omos will return to WWE TV. Reports from December indicated that his appearances were being kept minimal to maintain his appeal as a special attraction. He mostly works Live Events now.

His YouTube channel is focused on fragrances, food, and fashion. In his first video, he references his WWE career, confirming he is still with the company despite his absence.

Omos’ manager, MVP, has also been absent from WWE programming. MVP recently addressed his issues with WWE leadership on Instagram, claiming that his pitches for a Hurt Business reunion were rejected and suggesting racial motives behind these decisions.

Omos has not had a singles match since losing to Seth Rollins at Backlash in May 2023.

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• In the main event of RAW, Dominik Mysterio & Women’s World Champion Liv Morgan defeated The LWO (Rey Mysterio & Zelina Vega).

Since Liv helped Dominik finally pin Rey, Dominik celebrated with Liv and that’s exactly when Rhea Ripley’s music hit and Mami returned!

Rhea went after Liv, but Liv ran away. Rhea looked at Dirty Dom with disappointment and turned down a hug from him before leaving.

After RAW went off the air, Dominik tweeted a GIF with the caption “I’m so f**ked”.

WWE posted Liv’s backstage reaction to Rhea’s return:

After her return, Ripley broke her silence and tweeted the following:


WWE has released Rhea’s new T-Shirt, which mocks Liv’s Revenge Tour:

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