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“He’s extremely underrated, even though he’s in that conversation of the greatest of all time” – WWE Legend On Brock Lesnar

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On WWE’s YouTube channel, John Cena talked about working with Brock Lesnar and their Extreme Rules 2012 match.

Extreme Rules 2012 featured Lesnar’s first WWE match in 8 years, where he lost to Cena in the main event. This was a brutal match, as Lesnar busted open Cena with legit elbows to the head.

Below is what Cena said about The Beast:

“Brock is one of a kind. I truly love watching him and I always tell you that I watch the people. It’s really difficult to ignore Brock. You’re in a fight for your life, but he’s also the most giving, gracious performer. Gives it all, and there’s no way for you to question his legitimacy.

There’s a ringside sign that says legitimacy is returned, and that says it all when it comes to him.

I love Brock as a performer. I think he’s extremely underrated. Even though he’s in that conversation of the greatest of all time. And I love him as a human being. He is wholeheartedly himself and shoots you straight, and at least you know where you stand with him at all times. And I really admire that about him.

And he’s been wonderful to me over the years. Another person that we kind of matriculated together, and we both have our different paths to success, and we’re both rooting for each other constantly.”

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