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“He’s getting way too big, way too fast” – Hulk Hogan On WWE Star

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During an interview with Mr. SantiZip, Old School WWF/WCW Legend Hulk Hogan was asked which current WWE wrestlers he’d like to face if he could still wrestle.

Here’s what the Hulkster said:

“That is a tricky, tricky question because things have changed so much. There are very few attractions in the business, you know, there was Stone Cold Steve Austin; there was Andre the Giant, John Cena. There are very few guys that become attractions, but there are some really good main event players that are right there at greatness.

They’re right at the greatness level, and for me to pick one guy out, I figure it just wouldn’t be fair.

So choices would be Roman Reigns, of course. Seth Rollins, I’d love to rock him one time. He’s a little cocky for me. I’d like to get up in Seth Rollins’ face, and somebody that I did wrestle one time before that it could have been a fluke that I got the victory, I would love to wrestle Randy Orton. Those would be the three guys.

The new guy on the scene, this LA Knight guy, I think I’d have to get really ugly with him, man. He’s getting way too big, way too fast, but he’s a rising Superstar and I love the guy to death, man. I love watching him on TV too.

LA Knight has a lot of old school in him. He goes in there and he grinds and he stays on it, but his cadence is what attracted me. It’s like, ‘Well, let me tell you something, brother’; he’ll say, ‘Well, let me talk to you’. Same thing; It’s the same cadence. It’s the same vibe and he’s got it down.

He learned quick. He’s a quick study and man, the application, the practical application, the way he nails things, his placement in the ring, his timing is impeccable.

He’s a heck of an athlete. Good looking kid, man. Built like a Greek god, so it’s all coming his way and he’s very consistent. I haven’t met him, but he seems like a really, really, really good person.”

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