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“He’s got an attitude” – Ric Flair Says AEW Wrestler Will Not Be A Part Of His “Last Match” Event

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• “He’s got an attitude” – Ric Flair Says AEW Wrestler Will Not Be A Part Of His “Last Match” Event

Ric Flair will have his last match on July 31. This event will feature more matches as well, as it’s going to be a complete pay-per-view.

Flair trained with current AEW wrestler Jay Lethal for this match.

On a recent episode of his podcast, Flair revealed that Lethal wanted a match on this upcoming event, but that won’t be possible and Lethal is upset about it.

Due to this, Lethal didn’t appear on Flair’s podcast either, despite being advertised.

You can read the conversation between Flair and his son-in-law Conrad Thompson below:

Conrad: “I gotta tell you, we had a plan today. We promoted it and all that jazz. We were gonna have Jay Lethal on, and we couldn’t really do what we’ve been doing here without Jay Lethal.

Because when you were first thinking about, Hey, can I do this, should I do this, you started working out with Jay, and man, those videos went viral.

I thought you guys have had some fun together, you know, and maybe show some of those old clips, the Wooooo offs, and all the stuff from Impact. But no Jay today. What’s up with that?”

Ric: “Is he gonna hear this, if I say it? I don’t care. He’s got an attitude. He wants to be part of the show. And I said it ain’t gonna happen. You know how that happens all of a sudden and everybody’s feelings are hurt. You know, this is what we discussed, some people’s feelings are gonna be hurt.

I’m not saying anything bad. I don’t have the authority, even though [I am a] co-owner of this venture. I don’t have the authority to put him on the card. So I think he’s upset about that, but he’ll get over it.

They can block this out but you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t. And that’s kind of where we’re at with this deal. Edit that please.”

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