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How Terry Funk Got WWF Shotgun Saturday Night Thrown Off The Air By Some TV Channels

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Terry Funk appeared on some early episodes of WWF Shotgun Saturday Night, a weekly TV-Show that was usually taped in New York City and aired as a syndicated broadcast all over the United States between January 1997 and August 1999.

On a recent episode of his weekly ‘Something to Wrestle With’ podcast, WWF Veteran Bruce Prichard (aka Brother Love) recalled Terry Funk causing severe issues on Shotgun Saturday Night with a promo and a match against Bret Hart.

Here’s what Bruce said:

“(I said) wrestle Bret, have a hell of a match, let’s get him over, and maybe a little promo beforehand.

All I ask of you, ‘This is live, I know it’s late night but we’re live, and we’ve got a lot of eyeballs on us.

Please, just watch your language, no hells, goddamns, or s***, please’.

When people say ‘Bruce, whatever happened to that show Shotgun Saturday Night?’, I say, Terry Funk.

So yeah, we got thrown off the air for those comments. I think we had a ‘goddamn’ in there, we had everything I asked him not to do.

And there’s one point in the match against Hart, where they had the big troughs of beer, on ice, and at one point, he (Funk) grabs me and put me in it. I didn’t have a change of clothes.”

It should be mentioned that the reason WWF Shotgun Saturday Night was canceled and replace by WWF Metal / WWF Jakked in August 1999 obviously wasn’t an early 1997 appearance by Terry, as Prichard sort of implied.

What he means is, that some TV stations nationwide did actually cancel Shotgun Saturday Night after what Funk said and did, but all the bigger channels (and many smaller ones) still kept it around for the entire two and a half years.

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