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Huge Amount Of Money Welsh Government Paid WWE For Clash At The Castle Revealed

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– In September 2022, WWE held the Clash At The Castle premium live event at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. It was WWE’s first PLE in the United Kingdom since SummerSlam 1992 at the Wembley Stadium in London.

WWE made $8 million from tickets sales for the event. The event had a paid attendance of 54,000. WWE’s officially announced attendance was 62,296. WWE made $940,000 from the venue merchandise sales at Clash At The Castle.

According to Wrestlelenomics, Clash At The Castle “delivered a massive 10:1 return on investment by channelling £21.8 million back into the Welsh economy.” This made it just under $28 million.

This means that the amount of money paid by the Welsh government to WWE to hold the event in Cardiff was one-tenth of that which is approximately $2.8 million.

WWE received $1 million from Puerto Rico for doing Backlash 2023 over there. WWE wants England to pay them for bringing WrestleMania to Wembley Stadium someday as well.

– WWE Hall Of Famer The Undertaker is one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time who is immensely popular among casual fans as well due to his amazing character work.

The Deadman’s theme song is used at many non pro wrestling events often, and the latest event to feature his theme song was a Drake concert in the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

At Drake’s concert in Vancouver, popular American Rapper Travis Scott came out to Taker’s theme song to join Drizzy on the stage.

You can watch Travis Scott’s entrance below:

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