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Huge Heat on Dana White For Disrespectful Comments Towards Pro-Wrestling

Before last night’s UFC 190, UFC President Dana White got a lot of heat from people within the Pro-Wrestling business for his disrespectful comments.

A fan asked the following to Dana: “I wish I could watch the Rousey fight tomorrow night. Vince got you beat there @danawhite. Our PPV’s are only $9.99.” Dana replied to this with the following: “I hear u bro but fake sh!t should be 9.99.”

The fan defended Pro-Wrestling with the following reply: “Bro. Try it out some time. Walk out of that ring and tell me it’s fake.” Dana replied again with: “Trust me my friend….. IT’s FAKE. Not disrespecting what they do. All the WWE guys I have met are awesome people but yes it’s fake.” These comments from Dana White offended many people within the Pro-Wrestling business. Jeremy Borash tweeted the following: “Legit cancelled my UFC buy for tonight. Instead sending $50 to @NikBali, a UK wrestler paralyzed during a fake wrestling match. @danaWhite.” Dana replied to this with: “@JeremyBorash it’s free in the UK goofball.”

Taz had the following to say: “Hey champ, “fake” is a highly disrespectfully word referring to our biz, wrestlers & TRUE wrestling fans. Wake up. Thanks. Not just me, but all the men & woman In our biz sacrifice & LIVE for their craft for years. #Need2Respect”
Bully Ray had the following to say: “Good thing you had “FAKE” @BrockLesnar in @ufc to be your biggest PPV draw of all time. @danawhite Sir, “do the right thing” and apologize to THE industry that laid the groundwork for YOUR industry. Have a great show tonight.”

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins had the following to say: “Guys, cut @danawhite some slack. I mean he’s had a million matches, so his opinion is super valid and should be taken as gospel.”

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