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8. Randy Orton Retweets Hilarious (But True) Critique Of Indy Wrestling, The Shield Is Apparently A “Legendary Faction” Now

– Current Ohio Valley Wrestling trainer Rip Rogers posted a hilarious (but true) critique of Indy Wrestling and you can read it in the tweet below:

Current WWE Champion Randy Orton retweeted the tweet:

– WWE published a poll on their website, where they asked the fans which legendary faction would they like to see return to WWE programming. Below are the results of this poll:

The Shield (57%)

DX (15%)

nWo (9%)

The Nexus (7%)

Evolution (5%)

The Four Horsemen (4%)

The Nation of Domination (3%)

In order to push the trio of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, WWE is now calling The Shield (which debuted in 2012) a “legendary faction”.

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