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6. Kenny Omega Thinks His Rematch With Okada Is Too Soon

During a recent interview with ESPN, NJPW wrestler Kenny Omega discussed his upcoming rematch with Okada. Omega thinks the rematch was booked too soon and below is what he said:

“If I’m going to give you a personal opinion, I would say that, I personally think it’s too soon to revisit that match. I would have liked to just let that performance be, come back to it at a later date. But there comes a time in business when it’s just important to move numbers, put asses in seats, as the saying goes, and you have to come out guns blazing.

I knew eventually there would be a second match, regardless of how good or bad it was. I think there’s going to be a third, and I still think there’s going to be an Omega-Okada four. But I’ve been called to duty sooner than I would have liked to have been, and I’m put into a situation where that match is still very fresh in everyone’s minds.”

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