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4. JBL Not Happy With Titus O’ Neil’s New Role On WWE Programming

During a recent edition of “Bring It To The Table” podcast, Corey Graves and former WWE Champion JBL discussed Titus O’ Neil’s new role on WWE programming.

For those who don’t know, Titus is now Apollo Crews’ manager (as WWE officials have given up on Titus as a wrestler).

JBL doesn’t agree with this move and had the following to say:

“Look, the guy looks like a million freaking dollars. He looks like a hall of fame athlete, which he is a world class athlete, but who in the world is he going to manage that he’s not going to dwarf? Titus O’Neil is too big to be a manager because he dwarfs everybody because when you look at Titus O’Neil, you go, ‘wait a minute! I don’t want to see that guy! I want to see the guy who looks like a million freaking dollars in a suit! That’s who I want to see.'”

On the other hand, Corey was in favor of this move:

“What Titus O’Neil lacks in the ring, he more than makes up for with his verbal ability.”

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