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14. Top Raw Star Continues To Put Fans In Their Place, Old School WCW Referee Joins Him

As we noted before, WWE’s official Twitter account posted a tweet about how it was main event time at a recent WWE Live Event and Roman Reigns was in that match. This led to some people commenting how Reigns “can’t wrestle”.

This led to some fans replying how Reigns’ opponents and wrestling legends have noted that Reigns is a good in-ring worker. This led to a guy joining the conversation (claiming to be a wrestler) and then noting how he thinks the same about Reigns and that people are him aren’t fans of WWE’s “BS politics”. This led to “The Big Dog” tweeting the following:

Let ME give you a tip amateur. @WWE is the Top of the Mountain in Pro Wrestling. A view you’ll never deserve or get to enjoy. #Facts

Another fan then tweeted to reigns how he hasn’t “earned” his place in WWE and that there are other wrestlers who work hard, stay away from their families for years and then have to be jobbers. This is what Reigns tweeted regarding this:

Yea I guess working my butt off 5 days a week while being away from my wife and kids for the last 7 years is being “handed” it. #DumbA$$Mark

Oh yea, I forgot they are “jobbing” for free!?? Clueless #DumbA$$Mark. BTW all our schedules and responsibilities aren’t the same. #B2R

Old School WCW & current WWE referee Charles Robinson supported Reigns and tweeted the following:

I have personally seen the hard work that @WWERomanReigns has put in. Because of that hard work he was given opportunities. #EnoughSaid

A fan then went on to disagree with Robinson and gave a reply that a typical IWC smark would give. This is what Robinson replied to him:

What have you accomplished in this business that you SEEM to be an expert in? That’s what I thought. Big Zero.

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