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Hulk Hogan Appreciation Night Tonight At MSG

Hollywood Hulk Hogan nWo

Hollywood Hulk Hogan

WWE will be doing a live event tonight at Madison Square Garden which will be “Hulk Hogan Appreciation Night”. Hulk Hogan will be making his return to the world’s most famous arena after over a decade.

nWo Reunion will take place tonight as Kevin Nash & Scott Hall are also scheduled to appear tonight to show their appreciation towards their nWo member Hollywood Hogan.

The main event of the show will be John Cena taking on Rusev for the WWE United States Championship. Other matches scheduled to take place are Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt, Orton & Bryan vs. Rollins & Kane, Ziggler vs. Ambrose vs. Barrett for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel will also take place tonight. Ric Flair is currently scheduled to make a surprise appearance tonight on the show.

Below is the promo for the show.

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