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Hulk Hogan Cries At Surprise Party For His 70th Birthday (Video)

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On August 11th 2023, WWF Legend Hulk Hogan celebrated his 70th birthday, so he went to have dinner with his fiancee, yoga instructor Sky Daily, and walked right into a big surprise party, that his friends and family organized for him.

Brian Blair (The Killer Bees), ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, Big Show (Paul Wight), Brian Knobbs (The Nasty Boys) and Hulk’s son Nick Bollea were all a part of this party.

Here’s a video that shows Hogan crying after seeing all his friends:

The Hulkster later posted a highlight video from this party:

Hogan wrote the following after the party:

“70 years young and happier than I’ve ever been! Brother!”

Hulk Hogan is among the biggest names in professional wrestling history, and probably the single biggest name when it comes to the WWF/WWE, because Hogan (with Vince McMahon behind him) turned a regional, local attraction into a national and international phenomenon during the 80s and brought pro wrestling to heights, it had never seen before.

Therefore pretty much every WWF/WWE Superstar that came up during the 90s, 00s and after that, most likely wouldn’t have been in the position they were in and wouldn’t have made anywhere near as much money, if it wasn’t for The Hulkster. You could even refer to the so called butterfly effect (a chaos theory term).

‘The Immortal’ Hulk Hogan wrestled from 1977 until 2012 and worked for the major pro wrestling promotions on the planet, including the World Wrestling Federation / WWE (1979-1981, 1984-1993 & 2002-2006), Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (1994-2000), Verne Gagne’s American Wrestling Association (1981-1983), Antonio Inoki’s New Japan Pro Wrestling (1980-1985, 1993-1994, 2003) and Dixie Carter’s Total Nonstop Action! (2010-2013).

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