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Hulk Hogan Injured Referee At Famous Record Breaking Event

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The debut edition of NBC’s ‘WWF The Main Event’ on February 5th 1988 – that featured the legendary rematch between Hulk Hogan and André The Giant – still holds the world record for the most watched professional wrestling show that ever aired on television in North America.

It drew a 15.2 Nielsen rating, which equals 33 million viewers, a world record that still stands and it’s also safe to say that this record will never be broken.

During an episode of ‘Road Trip After Hours’, Old School WWF Referee Earl Hebner was interviewed by Teddy Long & Mac Davis, and spoke about the famous evil-twin referee spot at the end of the match, where Hogan threw him out of the ring.

Here’s what Earl had to say:

“Listen, we were at the warehouse and we practiced that damn thing over and over. Hogan picked me up and he was like going to hand me to them, right?

When he picked me up and started running, in my mind I’m going ‘This ain’t the program, this ain’t what the hell we’ve been over’.

And brother, he launched me and the only people that could have caught me would have been the people in the 10th row.

DiBiase, Virgil, and Andre were supposed to catch me but he was supposed to throw me to them.

Brother, I thought I was going into space and then when I hit the floor I crushed my rotator cuff in my shoulder.

But I was so excited I didn’t realize how bad I was hurt right then.”

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