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Hulk Hogan Reveals How Andre The Giant Embarrassed Him In Front Of A Female Friend

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During an interview with Theo Von on This Past Weekend, 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan revealed that Andre The Giant didn’t like him at first.

Hogan then recalled how Andre once embarrassed him in front of a female friend.

Below is what the Hulkster said about his WrestleMania 3 opponent:

“The hardest thing for me was — the first 8 or 9 years — he didn’t like me at all and tortured me. When we got in the ring, he showed me how much he didn’t like me.

I made the mistake of bringing a flight attendant to the Capitol Center in Washington, and I put her first row and I didn’t tell Andre.

He heard her say ‘Come on, Terry!’ and he figured out she was with me, and he about killed me. Took me back in the ring… he tied the bottom and the second rope and put my neck in it, took his size 27 boot… almost broke my neck in the ropes.

Then I had those yellow tights. He picked me up like a damn stork, with my balls and my a$$ hanging out and carried me around in front of this girl with my junk hanging out.”

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