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Hulk Hogan Reveals Why Wrestling Is A Shoot To Him

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On a recent edition of the ‘Full Send’ podcast, WWF Legend Hulk Hogan revealed why he looked at professional wrestling as more of a shoot back in the day, than it being a work.

Here’s what the 2-time WWE Hall of Famer had to say:

“Everybody says ‘Oh, this business is a work’. Okay, well, if I’m making twice as much money as you and you’re wrestling me, is that a work? That’s a f**king shoot brother, and that’s how I looked at it.

This business was a shoot. It was the man that made the most money. When I worked for Vince Sr. and Bob Backlund was the champion, I wrestled Backlund and Backlund always got paid more than me.

I was like, oh, really. So this isn’t a work. So it does matter if you win or lose. It does matter if you’re the champion or not. Everybody goes, it’s a work. Well, it’s really not a work.

It’s about the money and the mileage, and for me, you know, if you’re a good guy, usually, until the nWo came along, back in the day if you’re a good guy, your merchandise was two to one over the bad guy’s stuff.

That’s not a work to me. That’s a shoot, brother. If I’m making more money than you and I’m wrestling you, my T-shirts are selling twice as much as yours, maybe it’s a work to you, but not to me if my check is double yours.

So I always looked at it that way.”

On the same podcast appearance, The Hulkster also commented on the ongoing rumors of him having ‘one more match’ in him.

Here’s what he said:

“I’m kind of regrouping and ramping back up.

I haven’t really wrestled since I mean, I wrestled The Rock at (WrestleMania) 18, Vince at (WrestleMania) 19, was part of 20 and 21 WrestleManias, but since then, I’ve kind of really backed off.

I still work with the WWE, gone to Saudi Arabia a couple of times and done stuff with Ric Flair, but nothing physical because my body shut down on me about 14 or 15 years ago.”

Hulk wrestled his last pro wrestling match in 2012 and his final WWE match took place at the SummerSlam 2006 pay-per-view, but – despite basically shutting down those rumors on multiple occasions lately – Hogan never 100% ruled out the possibility of participating in another match.

If – and that’s a big ‘IF’ as it’s very unlikely – Terry Bollea actually ends up wrestling again, it will obviously just be a brief cameo in a multi-man match, for example a 6-man Tag Team Match or a Battle Royal.

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