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“I ain’t Hulk Hogan” – Goldberg To The Rock Before WWE Debut

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• “I ain’t Hulk Hogan” – Goldberg To The Rock Before WWE Debut

Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg made his WWE debut on the RAW after WrestleMania 19, where he confronted The Rock.

During an Instagram Live session with Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch & The Rock, former WWE Writer Brian Gewirtz talked about what he pitched for Goldberg’s WWE debut segment with The People’s Champion.

Below is what Brian said:

“It’s the simplest promo you could ever have. Rock’s running his mouth, I’ve done all there is to do. I’ve beaten everybody and Goldberg comes out and spears him, that’s it, you know?

And people anticipated this because this was the day after Mania, after the big Rock/Austin match. So everyone was anticipating it.

I’m like, great. You know, ‘Oh, you know what we could do? We do this great thing, we did this thing with Rock and Hogan in Chicago where they’re standing face-to-face and they’re both looking at the crowd and it’s this iconic moment’.

Rock’s like, ‘Yeah, we can do that. Sounds good’ and Bill’s just like, ‘Yup. There’s just one problem. I ain’t Hulk Hogan.’ Intense stare and Rock and I do the little look to each other.”

The Rock then added:

“Bill stared a hole through Brian…I was like, oh my God…but by the way, when Bill said, ‘I ain’t Hulk Hogan,’ of course me being me, I turned to Brian, I go, ‘I f**king told you he’s not Hulk Hogan…’ Brian’s like, ‘No, I know. I shouldn’t have done that. Okay, okay, I got something else.’”

Brian added:

“I go, ‘You know what? That’s no problem Bill. This is gonna be perfect because what we could do is you could stalk him on stage. You could have this big pacing back and forth while he’s running his mouth in the ring because we did this promo with Rock and Jericho where Rock was going on and on.’

I could see Rock going like, I don’t think it’s a good idea and then Bill’s like, ‘Mhm, mhm, mhm. There’s just one problem, I ain’t Chris Jericho.’

Again, intense stare and this literally could have gone on for hours…First time I ever interacted [with him].”

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