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“I am trying to get out, Vince won’t let me go” – The Undertaker To The Godfather A Few Years Ago

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• “I am trying to get out, Vince won’t let me go” – The Undertaker To The Godfather A Few Years Ago

WWF Legend The Godfather was interviewed on a recent episode of the ‘It’s My Wrestling’ podcast and – among many other things – talked about The Undertaker’s retirement and the possibility of returning for one more match, if they offer him good money.

Here’s what the former Papa Shango had to say:

“He really does not need the money, believe me. I don’t think you will (see him back). He called me and told me, he says, ‘Big dog I’m done.’ He goes, ‘I’m done now. I’m finally done.’ He has never called me and told me that.

He has told me ‘I am trying to get out, Vince won’t let me go, keeps throwing big numbers at me to wrestle once a year.’ I am very sure he is done, I think physically he’s done, and mentally he is done.”

The Undertaker wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation (later WWE) from his debut at the Survivor Series 1990 PPV until he retired 30 years later at the end of the Survivor Series 2020 PPV.

If anyone will try to get him to return to the ring, it’s most likely going to be the Saudi Arabia Prince, who did something similar with Shawn Michaels, who had been retired for 8 and a half years, when he was brought back for WWE Crown Jewel in 2018.

At this point, it’s still highly unlikely that The Undertaker is actually going to consider such an offer, but in professional wrestling you can ‘never say never’.

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