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“I don’t know if Brock was the right guy” – The Undertaker Names The WWE Star Who Should’ve Broken The Streak

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• “I don’t know if Brock was the right guy” – The Undertaker Names The WWE Star Who Should’ve Broken The Streak

During a recent interview with The Dallas Morning News, The Undertaker was asked about his WrestleMania winning streak coming to an end in 2014, and if he didn’t want the Streak to end.

Here’s what The Phenom said:

“I mean, on a selfish note it would have been nice to retire undefeated, but that’s not business.

My career, like I said and I’ll say it over and over again, I’ve been incredibly blessed with what I’ve been able to do in this industry. And there comes a time where you’ve got to pay it forward. Although, I don’t know if Brock was the right guy.

I like Brock, me and Brock are friends. I don’t know that Brock needed that win. Brock was a bona fide superstar at that point. So, I don’t know that he needed it.

Roman [Reigns], definitely… that was the right call. I just wish he may have been first. If Roman would have been able to do it, I think it would have increased the value.

By the time I got to Roman, that WrestleMania, I was not physically healthy at all. So, he didn’t get the best of me. That bothers me… I wish I could have been healthier and he would have been first because I think that would have skyrocketed him even sooner – I mean, he’s there now. So, it doesn’t matter.

He waited a few years, but he’s got it figured out. I mean, it all happens for a reason. Selfishly? Yes. Business-wise? And I’m always business first, it is what it is. I doubt that anybody will ever get to 21-0.

My place in history is what it is. I can’t cry over spilt milk.”

Brock Lesnar broke the 21-0 streak at WrestleMania 30. 3 Years later, Roman Reigns handed The Undertaker his second and final loss at WrestleMania. The Undertaker’s WrestleMania record is 25-2.

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