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“I enjoy firing people just before Holidays” – Vince McMahon

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• “I enjoy firing people just before Holidays” – Vince McMahon

On last night’s episode of RAW, Finn Balor defeated Austin Theory. Later in the night, Theory attacked Balor backstage.

Theory then had a meeting with WWE CEO Vince McMahon, where Theory said while he lost the match, he made things right by attacking Balor later.

Vince still wasn’t impressed and threatened to fire Austin, but ended up giving him another chance.

Below is what Vince said during this backstage segment:

“You lost the match. But I don’t know what to do about it, but maybe I know. Maybe I should fire you.

I enjoy firing people. I especially enjoy firing people just before Holidays. It gives me a warm feeling in my stomach like I just had a really good meal.

But I’mma give you another chance, I will give you a rematch next week against Finn Balor.”

You can watch it below:

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• Old School WWF Veteran Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 60th birthday of Old School WWF Veteran The Patriot (Real name: Del Wilkes).

Some of you might remember his World Championship Wrestling stint, where he teamed with Marcus Alexander Bagwell as the tag team ‘Stars and Stripes’ from 1994 to 1995.

The Patriot’s biggest claim to fame was his run with the World Wrestling Federation in 1997, where he challenged WWF World Heavyweight Champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart for the Title at the ‘In Your House 17: Ground Zero’ PPV.

An injury kept him from wrestling as a member of Team USA at Survivor Series 1997, and they let him go in early 1998.

Several years after Del Wilkes retired, his former WWF co-worker “Salvatore Sincere” Tom Brandi started using The Patriot gimmick on the independent scene and falsely claimed that Del gave him permission to use the character, which Wilkes publicly denied.


December 21, 1961 – July 1, 2021

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