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“I felt like Ricochet was a little unprofessional” – Logan Paul On Money In The Bank Botch

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Logan Paul took a nasty bump during the Men’s Money In The Bank 2023 ladder match. Ricochet performed a Spanish Fly on Logan through two Tables, while jumping off the ring ropes.

Paul ended up landing up on his head and was later bleeding from his shoulder. You can watch it below:

During his Impaulsive podcast, Logan had the following to say about this spot with Ricochet:

“So one of our legs is on the rope, one of our legs is on the ladder, and we are supposed to hit it at the same time. And when he hit that rope, it was before me. So he moved it, so I slipped down all the way to the bottom.

Keep in mind, I’m a newbie, I don’t really know what I’m doing out there. So when stuff goes wrong, I don’t really know how to improv. So in my head, I’m like, this is f**ked. We f**ked this up.

I’m looking at him, I’m like, oh, this motherf**ker is still trying to send this sh*t. I’m not even ready, his feet aren’t even planted off the second rope, just hucks a backflip… went crashing through the tables, scraped my shoulder, I hit my head on the thing. I’m fine, no concussions or anything, it’s just a wild sport.

I don’t know bro, I felt like he was a little unprofessional.”

Logan Paul vs. Ricochet will take place at SummerSlam 2023. They will make this match official on next week’s RAW.

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