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“I hate you as much as you hate going to the gym” – Hollywood Star To Sami Zayn

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At WrestleMania 38, Johnny Knoxville defeated Sami Zayn in an Anything Goes match.

Knoxville is looking to renew his feud with Zayn as he invaded the comments section of Sami’s Instagram page.

Sami, who is currently the Intercontinental Champion, posted a photo with Women’s World Champion Becky Lynch and wrote the following in the caption:

“We did alright.”

Knoxville left the following comments under this post:

“I didn’t get enough time to get in all my insults so I will get them in here.

Hey everybody Sami’s a vegan, just in case you didn’t think he was already annoying enough.”

“Remember when wrestlers used to shave and get tans? Sami certainly doesn’t.”

“I hate you as much as you hate going to the gym.”

“By doing alright u mean WeeMan body slamming u AGAIN in front of the entire audience. What a shame, the poor audience had to watch you bomb all night and then get humiliated by me and WeeMan AGAIN!

Becky Lynch was terrific though. Why she associates herself with the likes of you I will never know.”

“I’d give you the shirt off my back. Just so I don’t have to see all the hair on YOUR BACK!”

“Sami’s the intercontinental champion. My favorite intercontinental champion will always be Razor Ramon. Sami I doubt you know who he is since you’ve never heard of a razor u hairy f@/k!”

Knoxville also invaded Zayn’s comedy performance:

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