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“I knocked Shane McMahon out twice, with a chokeslam” – WWF Attitude Era Legend

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WWF Attitude Era Legend ‘The Big Show’ Paul Wight recently appeared on ‘The Babyfaces’ podcast, where he was asked about the best chokeslam he has ever performed.

The World’s Largest Athlete replied that he actually knocked out Shane McMahon twice with that move.

Sometimes when executing the maneuver, Big Show went all the way down with his respective opponent.

Here’s what Paul had to say about his version of The Chokeslam:

“I don’t like to brag on myself because understand, the two guys that I know that also do chokeslams are Undertaker and Kane. They do them a little differently.

When I first started doing the chokeslam, Terry Taylor and Paul Levesque (Triple H) gave me the chokeslam. Because we were trying to think of a finish because back then, that was a huge deal and there was a guy in ECW named 911 that was doing a chokeslam and I remember telling Terry Taylor — and 911 is a great dude by the way — and I remember telling Terry Taylor, I said, ‘Yeah, but isn’t that that guy’s 911 finish?’. And he goes, ‘Kid, when you start doing the chokeslam, no one’s gonna know who he is’.

But my first chokeslam was planing out and going all the way down and then I changed it to just doing the regular because when I hit the mat with the other opponent, I lessened the recoil.

I knocked Shane McMahon out twice, with a chokeslam by going down with him and it’s like, okay, well if I just dump you or lay you down flat, but wrestlers, we know what dump means, so if I just dump you down, then it’s better than I go down with you.

It looked great, me going down and planing out, but it was tougher on the other guys and when you’re working four, five nights in a row or 17, 18 days in a row on tours and the guy’s taking that every night, you wanna help your opponent out and make sure that he’s okay with it. So I think that my chokeslam was pretty good for pausing.”

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