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“I want to wrestle again right now” – Ric Flair On Barely Making It Through His Last Match In 2022

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Ric Flair will never retire.

During a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, the 2-time WWE Hall of Famer once again expressed his desire to wrestle again, despite having a “Last Match” last year:

“I want to wrestle again right now. Isn’t it crazy? I feel like because, Ricky Morton, the guy that I should have chosen for my last match would have been great. Ricky Morton is still wrestling. You know what the best thing for me about it was I forced myself to really get in shape.

I’ve heard this from guys over the years. And when they were older, I was like, in my prime. The older guys would say, ‘hey man, I’m tired of working out’. And there gets a time when you just get bored working out. You don’t have a goal. I mean, they gave me a goal and I just attacked it.

I didn’t stop drinking or anything but I was literally training three hours a day, five days a week in the ring, or I was doing the sled, the ropes. Yeah, I got my bench press up for two and a quarter. I mean, so from being dead to all that was pretty cool.”

Flair then talked about barely making it through his last match last year, where he passed out twice due to dehydration:

“Oh, yeah, I was fighting like hell to get through it. But it was just fighting here. Nothing that I felt, I wasn’t hurting anywhere. I just felt bad because the guys had been all panicking and worried about my health. And we had said we had constructed such a great match.

If it had come off the way we’ve practiced forever, it would have been a masterpiece, but, you know, when I walked back to the locker room, Taker made me drink three Gatorades. Then I went to Kid Rock and drank all night long.”

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