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“I was a drunk, and I messed up a good push” – Former TNA Wrestler On His WWE Release

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• “I was a drunk, and I messed up a good push” – Former TNA Wrestler On His WWE Release

A lot of fans will remember current NWA Wrestler Thomas Latimer from his 2014-2017 TNA run as Bram, but how many of you remember his 2012 NXT run as Kenneth Cameron, one half of (the original version of) The Ascension, alongside Conor O’Brian?

In an interview with the 2 Man Power Trip of Wrestling, Latimer finally opened up about the unfortunate incident that caused his WWE release in November 2012, which eventually led to him being replaced by Rick Victor in The Ascension.

Here’s what Bram had to say:

“In the past 10 years, I’ve been given the ball and I’ve thrown it away. I had a good push in WWE, I was a drunk, and I messed that up. I was an NXT Tag Team Champion and I messed that up.

We were supposed to go up apparently after The Shield on the main roster, and I messed that up. Then I went to Impact. I’m pushed, I am used well, but I don’t care. I was a drunk. I was an idiot, and I threw that away. I got sent for a 2 week tour of NOAH, and Japan definitely should have been a place where I would have thrived, done really well, and fit in.

I got drunk, messed that up, and got kicked off the tour. It’s just one thing after the other, after the other, arrests, and this and that. I’ve always been put in positions to succeed but I just didn’t care or I was self-sabotaging.

Now I’m sober, turning 35, I wish I had the same mindset and mentality that I do now 10 years ago because my life would have been different had I had a grown up, sensible brain in my head which I didn’t.

When it comes to this time, turning 35, I want the responsibility. I want the ball. I want to run with the ball, whereas before, I kicked the ball away. I didn’t want it. I didn’t care. Now I do and I do care. It’s actually a shame that it took 10 years to get to this point.”

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