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“I was huffing superglue for 5 years” – Gangrel Reveals Details About His Vampire Gimmick

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During a recent interview with Wrestlingnewsco, WWF Attitude Era Veteran Gangrel revealed details about his famous Vampire fangs that he was wearing in various promotions over the years.

Here’s what the former leader of The Brood had to say:

“They were bonded in between ’94 and ’96. In ’97-ish, they came out. The fangs weren’t bonded in when I was in WWF. They told me they weren’t going to use the vampire character.

When they hired me, they told me to lose weight, grow my hair in and go be as normal as I possibly can.

Vince Russo calls up and says ‘Hey, can you still do that vampire character?’.

I didn’t have the fangs or anything so I had to run out to Hot Topics real quick, find a puffy shirt and some suede pants in there.

Then what’s next after Hot Topics? Journeys. I went to Journeys. I got some boots, some New Rocks, and that’s what you saw debut on Sunday Night Heat.

I started out as technically Lestat The Vampire in Puerto Rico. Those fangs from ’90 to ’94-ish were Lee Press On Nails.

So I would take a Lee Press On Nail, size it up, super glue it on, cut it to a point, and paint it to the color of my actual teeth.

So for a good amount of years, maybe 5 years, I was super gluing my teeth in, so I was huffing superglue for 5 years.

From there, I had my fangs bonded permanently. I had fangs permanently for a few years. Then WWE told me to get rid of them.

So eventually, I got rid of them. I went back to All Japan as David Heath.

No fangs, nothing, just trunks, and on that tour, WWF hired me and told me they weren’t gonna do the vampire thing, and then a week after being on contract, they decided to do the vampire thing.

So I ended up having to get, it’s a different type of thing. I had them especially made from a dentist. I still wear them, the same thing since ’98.

They are chips. I gotta get them touched every once in a while. I think they’re pretty fresh right now. I’ve been wearing the same thing since ’98 to now.”

Gangrel wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation from 1998 until 2001 and is probably best remembered as the leader of ‘The Brood’ faction, alongside Edge & Christian in 98/99.

He was married to Old School WWF/WCW Women’s Wrestler Luna Vachon between 1994 and 2006.

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