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Identity Of One Of The ‘Terror*sts’ That Attacked The Undertaker

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During a recent interview with WrestlingNewsCo, former WWE Superstar Mike Knox revealed that he was under the mask as one of the kayfabe terrorists, who attacked The Undertaker in 2005.

Here’s what Mike Knox had to say about the incident:

“Wrong place, wrong time brother. It was instant. It was like one of the next shows, I think, or maybe a couple of weeks later.

We’re gonna powerbomb this fool through the stage and we’re never gonna see him again… Thanks Mr. Taker.

Yeah, it’s Dude, like you were saying it was too close to home, you know, like too real.”

On the July 7th 2005 episode of ‘WWE SmackDown!’, Muhammad Hassan had 5 (kayfabe) terrorists come out and attack The Undertaker, but unfortunately the show was always pre-taped on Tuesday back then, so while they shot the segment on July 5th, a legitimate terror attack took place in England (UK) a day later on July 6th, which is now remembered as the London Bombings.

That means when it actually aired on Thursday, one day after the London Bombings, you can obviously imagine a huge sh*tstorm broke out and both UPN (SmackDown!) & Spike TV (RAW) refused to feature the character of Muhammad Hassan ever again on their channel.

Without the chance to continue with the controversial gimmick, WWE had no chance but to write him off TV completely and let The Undertaker powerbomb him ‘straight to hell’ at the ‘WWE The Great American Bash 2005’ pay-per-view.

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