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“If Eric Bischoff would’ve bought that company, I’d be a millionaire right now” – WCW Veteran

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• “If Eric Bischoff would’ve bought that company, I’d be a millionaire right now” – WCW Veteran

WCW Veteran Kwee Wee (aka Allan Funk) recently appeared on the Shining Wizards Wrestling podcast, where he talked about Eric Bischoff returning to World Championship Wrestling in 2000.

Here’s what he said about his relationship with Bischoff:

“When Eric Bischoff came in, if he would’ve bought that company, dude, I’d be a millionaire right now, no doubt in my mind.

Eric was great. He was trying to take over the company. He was there, probably for the last month. He took over the show, he was the guy in charge.He was going through a transition of buying. It was gonna be great for me.

Janie Engle was one of the lawyers for WCW. She came in the locker room one night and got me. Normally, that never happens. I’m still kinda young, still trying to get a spot on TV. Jaine said, ‘Hey, Mr. Bischoff would like to see you in his office’. I’m thinking, this could be either really good or really bad. It had never happened to me before, I didn’t know what was going on.

So, I go to his office. I sit down, and he starts talking to me.

‘You do everything you’re supposed to do, you got a great body, you’re always on time, you do what you’re told. I’m gonna make you a superstar. You’re gonna be my next big guy, man. I’m gonna make you a lot of money, you’re gonna get a raise’ and this and that.

Of course, I’m all in, man, I’m all fired up. He did this for about three, four consecutive weeks.

The first week he did it, though, he said, ‘I need you to do a favor for me. I need you to put Rick Steiner over’, because at this time everybody thought that Rick Steiner was weak, a little bit.

He said, ‘you put Rick Steiner over, make him look like a million dollars, and this is gonna be the start of something good’.

Of course, I’m gonna do what I’m told. So I put Steiner over that night real big, we had a pretty good match, and Bischoff came back afterwards, gave me a big hug, and said, ‘Dude, that was awesome, that was exactly what I needed’.

He knew that I was a team player and I was gonna do what he needed. Up until the time Vince bought the company, Eric was high on me. I got nothing but good things to say about Eric.”

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