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“I told him to f**king bring it and not worry about hurting me” – WCW Veteran On His Match With Goldberg

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• “I told him to f**king bring it and not worry about hurting me” – WCW Veteran On His Match With Goldberg

Old School WCW Veteran Kwee Wee (aka Allan Funk) recently appeared on the Shining Wizards Wrestling podcast, where he spoke about his time in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling.

Here’s what he said about his match with WCW Legend Goldberg:

“If you remember, the whole match was 30 f**king seconds, so it was exactly how I told him from the very get go. This was all me that planned the match, which wasn’t much of a match, but it’s the only thing I could agree for him to do.

But the problem with him was, and if you remember the match, he comes out and he slides under the bottom rope, and I said, ‘I’m going to get on you Bill. I’m going to hit you, kick you, punch you, whatever’. And he’s like, ‘I’m not selling sh*t, kid.’ And I’m like, ok, ‘big f**king deal’.

Kwee Wee WCW Greed 2001

Kwee Wee at WCW Greed 2001

I’m just going to hit you and punch you, so just stand up. No sell it, I don’t give a f**k. So, I said, ‘after I punch you and kick you, I do a springboard sunset flip off the second rope, so I want you to step forward when you see me going to the rope. I’m gonna go in the air’. To get my timing down, I jumped up and he was like, ‘dude you’re high as f**k.’ I said yeah. I said, ‘now, I want you to f**king come running and spear me in mid-air’.

He’s like, ‘holy f**k, no f**king way. I can’t do it’. I said, ‘Bill, what do you mean you’re not going to do it? Listen, I’m gonna work you and I know I’m not going to get sh*t in. I want people to remember this f**king spear and I don’t care how bad I get hurt’.

Him and I were friends. It wasn’t like he didn’t like me. He said, ‘I’m gonna hurt you, and I don’t want to hurt you’.

I said, ‘Bill, you trained with me down in the power plant, I’m not a pu**y, don’t worry about that sh*t. If I break my f**king ribs, guess what? They’ll heal. I told him to f**king bring it and not worry about hurting me. I don’t give a sh*t’.

So we did it a couple times and he comes running at me and kind of grabbed me out of the air and was like ‘Dude, this is gonna be awesome’. I said, ‘no sh*t, it’s gonna be f**king great. It’s going to be the best spear ever’.

(Goldberg) ‘No I can’t do it. I’m not doing it’. And I was like, ‘God dang bro, you gotta f**king do it’. And he goes, ‘you really wanna do it?’ And I said, ‘Bill I’m not doing any other f**king match. We’re doing it’. (Goldberg) ‘I’m sorry if I hurt you, I think I’m really gonna hurt you’.

So, we did it, and after the match he f**king popped huge. I go backstage. Doug Dillinger, head of security said Bill hugs me and was like holy f**k bro, and he actually bruised my ribs.

And I had to wrestle Mike Sanders on a PPV on Sunday, six days later, I got bruised ribs and I gotta wrestle on a pay-per-view after he just f**king killed me.

He told me, ‘Bro, I owe you a favor. That was f**king incredible. I can’t believe you did that for me’.

He never paid on the favor, so I never got one back.”

You can watch this Spear below:

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