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“If I can’t be that, then I don’t belong here anymore” – Former WWE Women’s Champion On Her Status As A Wrestler

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• “If I can’t be that, then I don’t belong here anymore” – Former WWE Women’s Champion On Her Status As A Wrestler

Legendary WWE Ruthless Aggression Era Diva Mickie James was interviewed on the IMPACT Wrestling ‘Bound For Glory Press Pass’ and was asked about still competing at a high level at this point in her career.

Here’s what the former 5-time WWE Women’s Champion said:

“I had to go home and I had to think about a lot of things, and the reality is that I love this business so much, and I love it too much to not be the best that I can be.

Over the last two decades, I’ve seen the business evolve, devolve, and then come back again for the women, and it’s true. We have, everywhere you look, is some of the greatest talent out there that are in television.

I always said that I never wanted to fade away. I just don’t want that. I don’t wanna go out a shell of what I used to be, and if I can’t be that champion and I can’t fight the way I need to fight, because the truth is my body hurts and I love it so much and I give everything that I have and then it takes me longer to come back, it takes me longer to heal.

I just wanna be able to spend time with my son, and he’s only 8 years old. I wanna be able to go to his games and do all of these things and still be able to be my best self for him.

But I also wanna be, if I’m gonna stay in the business and still be here, I just wanna be the best champion and be the best Mickie James that I can be. If I can’t be that, then I don’t belong here anymore, and that’s just the reality.”

After some time in TNA (Total Nonstop Action!) during its early years, Mickie James made her WWE main roster debut in 2005 and she stayed with the company until 2010 and then returned to TNA that year, where she wrestled till 2013.

More returns to WWE (2016-2021) and TNA, now known as IMPACT Wrestling (2015, 2021-now) followed, with her being the first ever active TNA/IMPACT Superstar who ever officially entered an annual Royal Rumble match, which she did in 2022.

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