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“I’ll expose all the $exually harassing bosses” – Kota Ibushi On NJPW Officials

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• “I’ll expose all the $exually harassing bosses” – Kota Ibushi On NJPW Officials

It looks like former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kota Ibushi isn’t on good terms with NJPW Officials.

Below is what he tweeted:

“I’ll expose all about the former cheaters-gun (already returned) and the $exually harassing bosses, from the company president’s lies to his unreasonable power harassment this time. Get prepared for this! ToSpo (Tokyo Sports) and TV Asahi too. I don’t care.”

Kota then posted a screenshot of his chat with NJPW Official Kikuchi:

Ibushi: If I’m told so from the NJPW side, I can’t complain. I’ll get things settled. It’s fine if you just fire me.

Kikuchi: I don’t want to do that. What happened to you?

Ibushi: There’s no reason whatsoever. I have no excuse either and don’t know why but I can’t align with the company’s rules. If this atmosphere is too weird, then it can be quick, so you can cut me with no remorse.

Kota then tweeted the following to a fan:

“As we discussed, it turned out that what’s black is still black. I’m not a robot. Kikuchi stinked since he wanted me to return before Wrestle Kingdom if I was healed up. I endured it though.

You know what is going on behind the scenes if you’ve been in the business for no less than 18 years. I don’t think it is a negative thing, I take it rather positively. I’m very very calm. Thanks for your concern.”

Kota posted another screenshot of his chat with Kikuchi:

Kikuchi: Don’t you think it’s wrong to make an appearance (without permission)? Maybe we should talk in the office.

Ibushi: You came at me to end the contract so I thought that was it. I’d accept it. I don’t think it changes if we talked.

Kikuchi: It looks like you can’t have that conversation, so you cause problems and make it the other guys’ fault in order to leave the company. I mean, you do have extra reasons or issues other than that, don’t you?

Ibushi: Nothing at all!

Kikuchi: Because if you think you’ve done nothing wrong, and if suddenly a LINE message about ending your contract comes, wouldn’t you ask ‘did I do anything wrong?’

Ibushi: I didn’t. I didn’t think it was a problem so sorry about that. I’ll talk to the higher-ups.

Word going on is that NJPW Officials weren’t happy with Kota appearing in WWF Veteran Taka Michinoku’s JTO (Just Tap Out) promotion on March 5th and this is what Ibushi and Kikuchi’s conversation was about.

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