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“I’ll wake up fine and by 2 o’clock, my knees don’t work” – Kevin Owens

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• “I’ll wake up fine and by 2 o’clock, my knees don’t work” – Kevin Owens

RAW Superstar Kevin Owens recently hurt his knee during a Live Event match against Austin Theory.

However, he is still working through it and is also scheduled for an Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble 2023.

During an interview on After The Bell podcast, Owens discussed the physical issues he has been facing as of late.

Below is what the former Universal Champion said:

“I guess I’m fine, I think. It really changes by the day. You could ask me that question tomorrow and I’m feeling awful, but today I’m okay. I’ll get out of my car and my back could be shot and I’m not aware until I start walking.

The last few months have been interesting in that aspect. I’ll wake up fine and by 2 o’clock, my knees don’t work. It really hasn’t started hitting me until recently, honestly. These weird aches and pains will come and go.

In this moment, I’m sitting in my truck, I feel great. My back was really bothering me going into [RAW], already, and I’ve had knee issues the last few weeks.

I went in feeling pretty beat up, but it worked out really good and I think everyone enjoyed the match, and so did I. It’s nice to walk away from it all with people enjoying what you do.”

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