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“I’m Biting My Lips” – Bloodline Member Recalls Kissing Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon once made out with a Bloodline member!

At the WWE Unforgiven 2002 PPV, 3-Minute Warning (Rosey and Jamal) (with Rico) defeated Billy and Chuck.

Following the match, as per the stipulation, Stephanie McMahon appeared in the ring and participated in “hot lesbian action” with two other women.

Subsequently, Eric Bischoff introduced another woman named ‘Hildegaard’ and instructed her to make out with Stephanie. However, Stephanie willingly complied with the request. Moments later, it was revealed that the woman was actually Rikishi disguised in a costume.

Rikishi then delivered a superkick to Bischoff, and Stephanie and Rikishi celebrated together in the ring.

On his podcast, Rikishi recalled what it was like to kiss the boss’ daughter. Here’s what he said:

“So, here I come. Steph calls me out. And so, I came out. It was a pay-per-view here in Los Angeles. Came out, we all know the story, Keesh dropped Eric Bischoff.

Stephanie kissed me and then it was that kiss there where I was like, you know, when you’re kissing the boss’ daughter… (There’s no tongue?) Absolutely not.

I’m biting my lips, you know. And so, I’m biting my lips, boom, and turn around Savate kick Eric.

He’s laughing because we’re kissing and I Savate kick him, he falls in the corner, and I rip off the makeup man, that damn thing was trying to rip that, it was like rubber on my face and it was damn ripping my mustache and so I was trying my best to rip that thing off.

When I ripped it off, people seen who it was, boy, I backed it up, uce, and I gave him a stink face.”

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