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“I’m watching LA Knight & Cody Rhodes every week and having a blast” – AEW World Champion MJF

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AEW came into existence in 2019 and quickly became an alternative to WWE for many fans and pro wrestlers.

Tony Khan’s company has provided jobs to many wrestlers who could not make it to WWE and also to those who made it to WWE, but weren’t happy with their booking there.

Majority of the pro wrestling fans are now divided into two sides. One of them includes the diehard AEW fans and the other one includes the diehard WWE fans.

Speaking on the Busted Open Radio Town Hall, AEW World Champion MJF said that fans should stop supporting one single promotion in pro wrestling. He stated that most pro wrestlers support the competition between WWE and AEW as it is financially beneficial for them.

The Devil also went on to say that he really enjoys watching LA Knight and Cody Rhodes, two of the biggest babyfaces in WWE currently.

“I’ll see fans online the way they communicate with each other… it’s like all out war. And like, just so you guys know, it’s like that’s not what’s going on with the wrestlers. Like we’re all rooting each other on.

Because realistically the better the two companies are doing the more money we’re going to make. So like, stop arguing. We’re all freakin’ having a blast.

I’m watching LA Knight & Cody Rhodes every week and I’m having a blast just like everybody else is having a blast. Just like I know that there are fans out there watching Better Than You Bay Bay having a blast every single week.

There’s so much great professional wrestling going on and there’s more than enough room for it clearly. Because AEW is about to have the biggest crowd. This is not hyperbole. Wrestling’s unfortunately a very hyperbolic sport. The biggest crowd ever in the history of the sport, and I’m headlining it.”

MJF will team up with Adam Cole to challenge Aussie Open for the ROH World Tag Team Championship on the All In Zero Hour. He will defend the AEW World Championship against Cole in the main event of the show later that night.

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